Created an Hive Bets Account | Line Hive

Now that you’ve created an account, there are a few key actions you can take:

1. Join a Hive

If you received an invite link, click that link to join the Hive.

2. Create a Hive

Starting the Hive for your group? Click on ‘Hives’ and then ‘Create Hive’ to generate a link to send to your friends. It’s easy for them to join and contribute their picks.

3. Create a Hive Bet

Hive Admins can set up each bet that the group will make picks for. After creating your Hive, click the ‘Create Hive Bet ‘ button and select for a specific sport and set of games. Choose the best bets to be eligible for each group of friends!

4. Make Picks

Now for the money. Once a Hive Bet has been created for your group, click on ‘Hive Bets’ at the top of the page to start making picks. We’ll show you the spread so it’s easy to get your picks in before the deadline.

5. View Results

The Hive as spoken! After the Hive Bet deadline has passed, click on ‘Hive Bets’ at the top of the page to view results of the picks. Then it’s up to you to capitalize on the knowledge of the Hive.

Published by LiveHive

We created this because we found that we were often betting on the same games, in a vacuum, without first getting other opinions on the games. At the same time, when we talked them out ahead of time, we were often influenced by the first person that suggested a pick. Fast forward through a few interactions of google forms, spreadsheets and some custom coding, we came up with a platform that gives the best mix of trusted and unbiased views on expected outcomes and a tool that we think provides an edge over the normal betting public. It also provides some interesting historical data tracking on your individual stats and hive (group) stats.

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